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Well, there are a few readers

I'm glad some of you commented. When I looked at this community I already had joined a few others (born_pilgrims, british_roots, and genealogy) but was intrigued that this one was created with "the goal...to run...like a general genealogy society". In response to the question about names I am researching, here are some key surnames in my research, sorted by place of immigration and region of origin.

To western Minnesota from Nordmore, Norway: Odegard (Tørriset), Herskedal; To western Minnesota from Gudbrandsdalen, Norway:Martinson (Lomoen), Kjorum, Sandbo (Sandbu Lille), Volden (Klevstad), Teigen, Rosemoen (Røssumoen); To Milwaukee, Wisc. from Rhineland, Germany: Weber, Stier, Mattern; To Ohio from Lauder, Scotland: Hume, Thompson; To eastern New York from Scotland or Ireland: Campbell; To Edmonton, Canada from Galicia, Austria (modern Ukraine): Mohr, Rief, Reil, Winkelmann, Schulkoski; To Buffalo, New York from Montedoro, Sicily: Sciandra, Provenzano, Montana, Campanella; To Rochester, New York from Mecklenburg, Germany: Sturm, Prieß; To central New York from Saarland, Germany: Mehlenbacher (Mühlenbacher), Schmidt, Kornbau; Colonial settlers, British: Marvin, Weaver, Robbins, Cadwell, Reed, Fuller, Franklin, Adams, Morse, Hawley; Colonial settlers, Dutch: Bertholf, Terhune, Wiltse, Cronkhite; Colonial settlers, Irish: Paddock, Petrie.

I'd love to hear from anyone with common ancestry, and also welcome visitors to my genealogical research page.

My main interest might be to gain advice or assistance to confirm and enlighten some of the dustier corners of my research—specifically and most importantly: Campbells in Annsville, NY; any surname of Sicily; Reed of western NY; Robbins of western NY and others earlier.

One of the areas that is a specialty for me is Norwegian and Danish research. I would be happy to help others in those areas.
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