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This is just one section of the puzzle

Hi I've been trying to locate...well alot of family records.
I'm looking for information on a family bible that is missing.
The family name is Townshend-Burdett.
There are a few members of that family that I know of thier names and birthdates.
-Caroline Townshend-Burdett b Feb 1883
-Julian Burdett Oct 1877
-Abigail Townshend-Burdett-Meyers Aug 1885
-Josiah "Josh" Burdett Sept 1880

Caroline had Julian were married and had several children. I believe there were 7 or 8.
Abigail was married first to a man named David Burdett then a man named Samuel Meyers. She and her sister Caroline had the same ammount of children.

The Townshend's hailed from Georgia-Virginia-The Carolina's and ultimately Ohio. Caroline was murdered by her husbands brother.

The Burdett's hailed from Canada.They were of French decent.

if anyone can help me at all I would appreciate it.
Also these surnames can be traced back to the Burdett/Townshend's
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