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Well, I'm a little new, just probaly haven't posted here.

I'm looking from some encouragement and some more ideas.

I'm currently researching my father's maternal side. Which is Irish and Czech. Nice mix, I know. I wrote the church in which they most of the maternal side are buried, and they advised that everything pre 1940ish has been sent the main Diocese in La Crosse, however was advised that any of the records that are still in the church, I will not have access to, b/c I was not directly involved in the activity, do to the new privacy laws.

Anybody got some Ideas.

I still have to track the chuch records for the Czech side, which are most likely somewhere in Dilly, Wisconsin. Where as the information I'm looking for right now, is in Kendall, Wisconsin.

Surnames are Sladek, Sikyta, Collins, Riley

*this may be cross posted*
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